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About Us

For one, art can be a creation, and for others, it might be colors, objects, or shapes and for BAFA, it’s an EXPRESSION!
‘By Artist, For Artist’ (BAFA) stands for that very essence of creation and creative expression that is waiting to come out of your conscience/Sub Conscience and become reality in front of your eyes.  We at BAFA work endlessly to uncover this creative side of your persona and show you ways to pour out your thoughts in a way that you can use to empower yourself more than just an artist. 

BAFA Team Work


It is said that your love and passion towards something, will always bring you back to it in various ways and that is exactly what happened with our Principal Artist and Founder, Juhi Nagpal. Her desire to sketch and paint ever since her childhood made her pursue her career in art and design. After achieving several accolades for her artistic works, she decided to create a platform for other artists and students that can come together and share the joy of learning art, that is how BAFA, By Artist For Artist, came to be. The goal of this platform was to bring over all kinds of artists, traditional and modern to create a blend of the various artistic forms. From ancient folklore to modern contemporary, from drawing basics to abstract concepts, the idea is to promote different forms of art and help the artists discover their passions through this journey. The motto is to create a one-stop shop for those interested in art as we curate workshops, stores, and interactive sessions. We look forward to perpetuating the knowledge of art through offline and online platforms and thus become a company that takes responsibility and pride in preserving the diminishing heritage art forms in the technology-driven world. Being creative takes courage and we are here to put you on a pedestal to your creative journey.

Our Story

Awakened from the rubble of diminishing artistic traditions, BAFA was indeed many years in the making. Mrs. Juhi Nagpal, the brainchild of BAFA, an incredible artist herself, dabbled through several artistic setups. Starting with establishing Hast Kriti, Juhi Art and Crafts, and later, Juhi Interiors, her strong urge to make the artistic scape larger than life, drove her to bring BAFA into being. A first of its kind platform which was created for artists and by them. 

After starting singularly in 2002, BAFA saw the light of day in early 2019. Home to the thought of revolutionizing Indian art forms and creating a global footprint, this community’s purpose was to evolve itself and others through the medium of art. Breathing life into the dying art forms and tweaking contemporary forms to make something stellar, is what drives this community forward through its workshops and collections. 

A collective of artists pan India, who are adept with different styles in art, today BAFA is empowering the youth to paint their tomorrows. Making the lower strata employable and honing their art skills, is another mission that makes BAFA swell with pride. Products that are handmade by artisans at BAFA Factory are a true symbol of meticulous creations crafted with utmost devotion. Therefore, each piece in the BAFA collection has a story of a glorious identity.

After a run of two decades in the art field, Mrs. Juhi Nagpal believes that it is the passion for traditional art forms which drives to pave a way forward for artisans and vigilance of zero compromise on materials or teaching, that makes BAFA Factory what it is. Every product brings to life lost art forms that speak volumes about our cultural heritage and artistry, thus preserving their legacy. After all, it can be said, BAFA Factory is where tradition meets modernity and heritage finds a home, so that generations can enjoy the exquisite splendor of art in the true sense and discover themselves through it.

Our Story


To become a go-to community platform for all to enrich, develop and empower their creative potential and nourish their artistic skills while serving the Artist Community to grow and empower the essence of art at foremost front of Education.


To be the Largest community for Artisan from all walks of art who will empower the preservation of traditional art and nourishing the conceptualisation of modern Contemporary art, while serving the Artist community, traditional or modern, by being the bridging portal between Art and its potential users through education or artworks.

Mssion & Vision

Founder & Principal Artist

HOD Interior Design | Artist | Classical & Folk Dancer | Interior Designer | Social Worker | Art Lover

An inherent lover of art and the heart and soul behind famous art brand 'Haskriti', Ms Juhi Nagpal holds a degree in Art and Design from Raffles Design International, Chelsea University, UK and Central Saint Martins, UK. With almost 15 years of work experience in the art industry, more than ten years of experience in the field of commercial and residential designing across major cities in India, she has also taught art enthusiasts in various colleges across India and abroad. Additionally, she has also worked as Head of Department of Interior Design Bachelor Degree Programme in ITM-IFDT Mumbai affiliated by Birmingham City University UK.


Juhi says, “Falling in love with art – was inescapable, Sometimes I feel I loved it before I was born and love it more each day.” True art is channelled through a loving heart, guided by emotions that stir the soul to set its imagination free. Art allows Juhi to see and understand the world from another perspective, something we all need in today's time.

All Juhi intends from BAFA is that art be valued, respected and embody the way of life. 

Art has changed her life and she intends to grow yours too with it !

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