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By Artist For Artist

"BAFA specializes in manufacturing, wholesaling, corporate gifting, and supplying 5-star hotels with premium hotelware, kitchen essentials, decor, and accessories. Our range includes ceramic stoneware, marble, Paper Mache, Jaipur Blue pottery, Terracotta, and more. Trusted by prestigious properties, our products combine luxury and artistry."



Elevate Your Hotel Experience with Exquisite Ceramic Pottery

Introducing our exquisite range of ceramic pottery, designed exclusively for 5-star hotels. Our collection embodies elegance, craftsmanship, and superior quality, making it the perfect choice for luxury establishments. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring exceptional attention to detail and a flawless finish.

From stunning vases and decorative bowls to elegant tableware and hotel crockery, our ceramic pottery offers a sophisticated touch to elevate the ambiance of any hotel space. We take pride in sourcing the finest materials and employing traditional techniques to create timeless pieces that reflect the essence of fine dining and hospitality.

By choosing our ceramic pottery, you are selecting a statement of refined taste and a commitment to delivering an exceptional guest experience. Elevate your hotel's aesthetics and impress your discerning clientele with our exquisite range.

Ceramic Pottery
Designer Pottery

Designer Ceramic

The Persian Eloquence !

By Artist For Artist is an export house specializing in Jaipur’s Blue Pottery. Our mission is to bring this traditional craft, which is rooted in Turko-Persian and Mughal culture, to the world. We work with a team of highly skilled artisans to create unique and exquisite pieces that capture the essence of this centuries-old craft. Our pieces are perfect for collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

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blue pottery wall plate
soap dispenser


This Plain Terracotta is handmade by skilled artisans and is perfect for adding a unique, rustic touch to any home. It is made of high-grade terracotta clay, ensuring that it is extremely durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. The terracotta has been fired in a traditional kiln, giving it its distinctive, earthy color. This Plain Terracotta is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, making it easy to find the perfect piece for your home.

wall plate


Our Designer Terracotta pieces are made from high-quality, long-lasting terracotta clay and are handcrafted by skilled artisans. Each piece is unique and features beautiful designs that will add a touch of elegance to any home. The terracotta is fired at a high temperature to ensure durability and strength, making it perfect for daily use. Our terracotta pieces are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and are sure to bring a touch of beauty to any space.


Our Shadow Terracotta Lamps feature intricate detailing and a unique design that is sure to add character to any room. The terracotta material gives them a rustic, earthy feel that is sure to be a conversation starter. With these lamps, you can bring the perfect amount of light and style to any space.

hanging lamps
designer wine glass

Plain  & Designer

Our Marble Decor Plain & Designer collection features a range of styles and designs, from classic and timeless designs to modern and contemporary pieces. Every piece is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring a unique and beautiful addition to any home decor. Our marble pieces will surely be a conversation starter and a focal point in any room.

wine glass
Expression Cotton Bedsheet
Serene bedsheet

Designer Bedsheets

This 100% Cotton Designer 500 TC King Size Double Bedsheet with 2 Pillow Covers is perfect for home décor and gifts for him and her. It is made from high-quality 500-thread-count cotton fabric and comes in a range of modern designs and colors. The bedsheet is soft, comfortable, and machine washable for easy maintenance. It is the ideal choice to give your bedroom a luxurious and stylish look.

Paper Mache products
vanity box

Paper Mache
Wooden Items

This Paper Mache Carved Wooden Product is a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern art. It has been intricately carved with intricate details and vibrant colors. The intricate details and vibrant colors give it a unique and exclusive look. It is perfect for home décor, gift items, and souvenirs. It is also an ideal gift for friends and family. This product is sure to add an elegant and timeless charm to your home.

decorative lamps
wooden lamps
handmade journnal

Hand Made Paper Diaries

A stationery addicts evergreen dream.

Introducing the Handmade Paper Designer Sketched Dairy from our Export House. This unique diary is handmade from paper and features designer sketches throughout the pages. It is perfect for those who love to write, sketch, and creatively express their emotions. It is an ideal gift for a friend or loved one who appreciates the beauty of art. Get your hands on this beautiful, one-of-a-kind diary and add a special touch to your journaling experience.

Dung Book

Give the trees a break!

This Elephant Dung Paper Journal/Sketchbook is a unique tree-free and eco-friendly product made from elephant poo. It is odorless and perfect for dairy journalizing, gifting, and stationery purposes. Place it on your office desk or home office, and be proud of owning a product that supports recycling and helps conserve trees.

elephant poop book
jewelry box

Jewelry Boxes

Keep Your Treasures
Safe & Beautifully Displayed!

This wooden jewelry box, intricately hand-painted with royal motifs, is an ideal choice for you to store your precious jewelry. It is robustly constructed and finished with a protective layer to keep your jewelry safe for years to come. With its luxurious design and exquisite touch, this box will surely add grace to your vanity

tufted rug

Hand Tufted Rugs

This exquisite hand-tufted rug is crafted from the finest quality wool, creating a foundation of durability and softness that is sure to last for years. The intricate floral and leaf motifs in muted colors add a subtle touch of nature-inspired beauty to your home. Perfect for any room, this rug will instantly add warmth and texture to your modern décor. With its timeless elegance and superior quality, our hand-tufted Curves of Life rug is sure to be a conversation starter.


By Artist For Artist is your one-stop shop for art that is both stunning and sustainable. Our export house works with talented, independent artists from around the world to bring an immense selection of handmade and ethically-sourced products to your fingertips. From terracotta pottery to marble decor and painted portraits, each piece is a testament to the creativity and skill of the artist who created it. By supporting independent artists and promoting sustainability, By Artist for Artist is not just a marketplace, but a community that celebrates art and creativity.

Portrait store
Hand made products

Hand Made

Eco Friendly

Eco - Friendly

Made in india

Made in India

historic art

Historic Art

oldest human creation

Oldest Human Creations


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