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Artists usually tend to experiment with their craft techniques to see if they can come up with something unusual yet attractive. The concept of stippling emerged back in the 1500s when the artists had only one ink and were looking to add depth in the picture. Our artists at BAFA are upskilled with the stippling technique and excel in making some fabulous portraits. We offer various options of customisation for stippling portraits. To know more, you can approach us with your questions on and we will be delighted to help you. We can assist in making individual, couple, group as well as pet portraits. Get a portrait in one of ancient art styles that could be your vintage style statement, in the best of quality that is hand-painted by our phenomenal artists.


Stippling Portrait

PriceFrom ₹3,200.00
  • For delivery within India, BAFA will require 15 working days to deliver the product from the date of order. For delivery outside India, BAFA will require 30 working days. For custom made products to meet your requirements, we require a stipulated time of 15-20 working days to create the artwork along with the additional time of shipping the product as mentioned above depending on the destination of the delivery.

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