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It so happens that in a woman’s life, at some point or the other she is handed a few precious things from her loved ones. The generational giveaways. It could be anything really. Bangles, chain, earrings, ring, maang tikkas, sindoor dabbi, silver coins and so many things that wrap themselves into a timeless tale. And even if that's not the case we always want to have a special place to keep the dear things given to special people by us. BAFA’s gorgeously handcrafted multi purpose box does just that. Made using paper mache, this box is a promise of giving your life a touch of traditional art and some nostalgic verses.


Color - multicolour

Noor - Paper Mache Bangle Box for Utility and Decor

  • A box that is a beauty for all things beautiful. The depth makes it perfect to stack up your favourite bangle collection or even some fancy souvenirs from your travels. Tug it along as a jewellry box during your travels or even a vanity case, we promise people will stop and give this wonder piece a look. And if you have been thinking for a while what to get your mom, wife, sister, aunt, girlfriend or even a friend, here you are. It's worth every penny.

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