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BAFA’s handmade product range is not just an endeavor, it's beyond that. It’s a bridge from the traditional to the contemporary. Moving from the route of regular is the ravishing range of terracotta lamps that give your space a story of their own to share and stare. Our terracotta lamps are crafted with great attention to detail and bring the glow into your homes with their warmth and sophistication.


Color - Base is Terracotta color and Painting Black & White Color.

Galaxy Filament - Terracotta Ceiling Lamp for Living Room, Bedroom, Balcony

  • Whether it's home, your garden, or your store or a swanky restaurant, add a slice of scenic tradition with BAFA’s gorgeously handcrafted lamps. Place them in a corner or attach them to a ceiling hook and their intricate design creates a beautiful shadow work across the space, allowing you to live in the beauty of the moment. Adorn your homes or your verandas with these beauty, let the festivities come alive with their allure.

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