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Love to sketch and scribble in your free time?


love to jot down your thoughts in a lovely journal?

Love to screen though pages of musings or to do lists but in a fancy way?


Pause right there, we have come bearing good news for you. At BAFA we have designed something truly remarkable, thanks to our team of hardworking artists that is constantly striving to give you something exceptional each time. Our range of handmade diaries is unlike the rest. Covered with brilliant artistic compositions, these are a worthy delight to own. Every diary has an original sketch created at BAFA’s end which has been digitized to suit the palette of the market, so that more of you can enjoy the immensely gorgeous work created by our in-house artists. Away from the clutter of copy paste designs, BAFA’s unique assembly of patterns, details and portraits is what makes these handmade diaries a complete winner. Available in 2 Colors with 125 gsm paper, these handmade diaries are a fine example of how we combine different elements along the artistic platter to create a new product altogether for you. Pamper yourself with some stationery additions to the shopping cart or pamper your loved ones with this eco-friendly beauty, we promise they’d be more than just delighted.

Mukhiya ji - Handmade Diary 6 x 8 Inch

  • The aim of BAFA is to revive the lost culture of hand-crafted products and their characteristic identity. These Sketches prinited on journals are hand sketched by our led team, giving each one a unique spot. The journals are stictched in 125 GSM executive handmade paper with 40 Sheets.

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