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Markers usually give a slight blended effect of watercolour when used for painting portraits, but it is very important to be careful while painting as markers are permanent. Thus, there is very little room to make a flaw in the process of creating the artwork with markers. The artists at BAFA have invested years to achieve expertise in getting the marker portraits look gorgeous in the very first attempt. Get yourself a brilliant looking markers portrait to add to your art collection. Our artists can paint an individual portrait, group portrait and even pet portraits. Share your pictures with us on and we will be happy to connect with you to help you out with other details. We have various sizing options available and are open to customising it as per your requests.

Markers Portrait

PriceFrom ₹3,500.00
  • For delivery within India, BAFA will require 15 working days to deliver the product from the date of order. For delivery outside India, BAFA will require 30 working days. For custom made products to meet your requirements, we require a stipulated time of 15-20 working days to create the artwork along with the additional time of shipping the product as mentioned above depending on the destination of the delivery.

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