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A friend of yours has invited you for a party and you can’t stop yourself from thinking about what you’ll hand them as a gift at the party. Or it's your relatives' house warming ceremony and you have to show up with a gift that ought to stand out. Or your friend has flown down from another country and you wonder what to grace them with that adds a hint of your culture too. Or just any other occasion and all you want is something really unique to give out. Pause, BAFA has a lovely line up of paper mache products, crafted to detail by expert in house artisans and one of their phenomenal works include this gracefully ornamented wine bottle box. A relief from the bags, this box adds a traditional hint to this international offering. And the best part, this box doubles up as a multipurpose box too.


Gohar - Paper Mache Jewellery Box With Partitions

  • The unique long shape of this piece works in your favour in many ways. Especially when you have to give someone a wine bottle and don't want to deal with those dingy bags. The whole look and vibe of the gift will alter with this artistic piece. You can even line it up with your envious collection of rings, house your pieces of jewellry in it, carry your personal makeup kit, place it in a special nook or next to your corner table, place your chains in a systematic way or even place a bundle of notes while giving it as a gift. And if you have been thinking for a while what to get your friends, close family or your colleagues for house warming, here you are with BAFA’s beautiful box.

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