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Bridal Trousseau / Vanity / Jewellery Boxes For Decor

Available in 2 Color Options

1 - Colored Antique Look

2 - White Lippan Look


Wrapped in the fragrance of age old tradition, here’s an extremely elegant piece of an artistic treasure. Big enough to hold your clothes and stunning enough to make you go woahhh! Hand crafted from thought to design, with minute details, a paper mache chest is ready to take you to a whole new trip and give your space a whole new look with its ethereal, traditional tones. Spacious in make and luxurious in appeal, these beauties can hold several things. So start putting a list together and grab this ornamented big paper mache box from our brand new range.

Jewellery And Utility Box - Floriate

  • This elegant paper mache chest can work finely as storage for your clothes and other things. Make for a befitting box for bridal trousseau or even your vanity or jewellry. And what’s even better it can stay parked holding your collectibles as a piece of home decor in your nice nook. Bring it home or purchase it as a gift, this token of hand crafted elegance is hard to find.

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